Silas Carson

Life Coach in London, United Kingdom

We all face change. Sometimes we choose it, sometimes it is thrust upon us.

Whether or not you have chosen the change before you, I can help you reclaim what's most important to you, and support you through the challenge.


Currently I work with women and men, many from the creative sector, some from business and law, on a range of personal and professional issues. Some examples:

· A theatre director returning to a fiercely competitive profession after maternity leave.

· A lawyer wanting to reinvigorate her career and rediscover her artistic pursuits.

· A radio producer looking to change his job.

· A mother dying of cancer, and her daughter, wanting to enrich their difficult journey.


I have coached for the last 7 years. I qualified at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2008. I am also trained in mind management from the Chimp Paradox model.

I have been a successful film, television and theatre actor for 27 years. Being an actor teaches me to embrace constant change and deal with uncertainty.

I bring something unique from the combination of these two crafts - creativity, staying power, coaching training and neuroscience tools.


I'm developing my practice to coach people, or those closest to them, facing a serious or terminal diagnosis.

My end-of-life coaching is a profound conversation outside of medical jargon designed to reclaim stability, focus and calm in an otherwise overwhelming situation.

I enable you to hold this great change in the spirit of acceptance, not failure, so that fulfilment, gratitude and wonder are possible.

When my father chose to die in his own home, I cared for him daily during this time. When my teenage nephew died I was able to have difficult conversations with those who had experienced losing a child.

My interest is that people reclaim their voice in a death-phobic culture - to die well, to heal, we must all tell our story.


To find out more or have a conversation to see whether we are the right match, just call me on 07976 287 354 or email me [email protected]